DC Chef Brings Norway’s Best Kept Secret Stateside

Chef Todd Gray HeadshotVia Food & Beverage Magazine – “Chef Todd Gray has a New Year’s resolution: to introduce the American public to their new favorite fish: flavorful, flaky Norwegian Skrei. Already an in-demand delicacy across Europe, Skrei is an extra-lean high quality cod that is considered by some to be Norway’s best kept secret. During a trip to Norway Chef Gray found himself impressed with the country’s commitment to sustainable farming practices and its focus on aquatic conservation, which are very much in line with his own beliefs.” Read the full article >

KosherEye Featured Cookbook

Via KosherEye – “The New Jewish Table is by husband and wife team Todd Gray and Ellen Kassoff Gray. This talented pair impart their love of using fresh ingredients in contemporary Jewish cooking.

This book explores the melding of two cooking cultures, seasonal American with Eastern-European Jewish. Since 1999 Todd Gray, the owner/chef of the Equinox Restaurant in Washington, D.C., has combined his love for farm-to-table ingredients with his passion for Jewish cuisine.” Read the full review >

Meat-Lovers and Vegetarians Alike Flock to DC’s Top Vegan Brunch Spot

Via Food and Beverage Magazinemail“Vegan cuisine isn’t just for granola totting hippies anymore. Washington D.C.-based chef Todd Gray and his partner Ellen Kassoff Gray are changing the perception of vegan food and are serving up 100% plant-based dishes so delicious even the most devout carnivores are clamoring for a taste. Every Sunday Todd Gray’s Muse Café, located inside the historic Corcoran Gallery of Art is offering an all vegan brunch that has locals and tourists buzzing with anticipation.” Read the full article > 

The Best Jewish Cookbooks of 2013

Via the Jewish Daily Forward –  ”‘The New Jewish Table: Modern Seasonal Recipes for Traditional Dishes by Todd Gray, Ellen Kassoff Gray and David Hagedorn grew out of a New York Times article by Joan Nathan about non-Jewish chefs married to Jews. The owners of Equinox restaurant (Kassoff Gray is Jewish, Gray is not) in Washington, D.C., have updated Jewish classics with more flavorful and modern takes, like fig and port wine blintzes, and falafel with pickled vegetables and minted lemon yogurt. While one or two mixed meat-and-milk dishes do appear, each recipe is classified as meat, dairy or pareve, and entire kosher menus are suggested for the Jewish holidays. Matzo-stuffed Cornish game hen for Hanukkah, anyone?” Read the full article >

Local Chef Boasts Joy of Jewish Food

Via The Free Lance-Star –  ”I know what you’re thinking. Another Hanukkah piece about latkes. Not by a long shot. You see, this year’s calendar features the convergence of that quintessentially Jewish holiday with a quintessentially American one, a quirk that won’t occur again for another 77,000 years, according to one calculation. So, this would be more of your basic Thanksgivukkah piece about latkes.” Read the Full Article >

Rosh Ha’Shanah Cocktails

Via WineEnthusiast – Magic Carpet

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2 ounces orange-infused vodka
½ ounce orange blossom honey syrup
¾ ounce lemon juice
1 basil leaf

In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, combine orange-infused vodka, orange blossom honey syrup and lemon juice. Shake well, strain and pour into a martini glass. Garnish with the basil leaf.

Cooks remake Jewish holiday dishes for modern needs, tastes

Via Omaha.com – “Several old-school recipes that utilize modern cooking techniques and ingredients more in tune with the times are featured in “The New Jewish Table” by chef Todd Gray and his wife, Ellen Kassoff Gray. The couple own and operate Washington, D.C., restaurant Equinox…“It’s got a little nostalgia mixed in with new techniques,” Kassoff Gray said of the recipes in the book. “It’s much more health-oriented.”” Read the full article >

Booze News: Todd and Ellen Gray Hire Former BLT Steak Bartender Steve Oshana

Via the Washingtonian Blog – “For the Grays, Oshana will create seasonal drinks based on the classics that will pair well with Equinox’s Mid-Atlantic-inspired food. Options will extend to their catering program—customers will be able to customize the boozy offerings at their events, according to Oshana…Ellen Gray says she’d like to see some lighter cocktails to go with the house-made sodas at the restaurant. In addition, Oshana is planning to develop some dessert drinks—spins on Irish coffee and so forth—to pair with confections by pastry chef Brandi Edinger.” Read the full article >

D.C. Dining Power Couple Unveils Luxury Getaway’s Culinary Plan

Via Forbes Travel Guide Blog – “Todd and Ellen Gray, the gastronomic couple behind Washington, D.C. restaurants Equinox and Todd Gray’s Muse, will realize a dream with the opening of Salamander Resort & Spa. The chef and his business partner (who also happens to be his wife) designed the culinary program of the 340-acre resort, which is owned by hospitality entrepreneur and Forbes Travel Guide Tastemaker Sheila Johnson. Together, the Grays aim to provide a farm-to-table (and farm-to-spa) experience for guests at the Middleburg, Virginia, resort by sourcing ingredients for from a two-acre garden. After more than a decade of planning for the resort’s opening in Virginia’s equestrian country, the Grays are champing at the bit for the August 29 opening.

Back in D.C., though, the couple is as busy as ever. This year, Equinox celebrates its 14th anniversary, while Muse turns two. Since those venues are both across the street from the White House, the 50-minute trek to Salamander will pose new challenges for the pair. Forbes Travel Guide recently caught up with the Grays to discuss what’s cooking at Salamander and how that new opportunity will complement their portfolio of culinary projects.” Read the interview >

Bike Thief No Match for Equinox Chef

via BisNow - ”A former college lacrosse player, Colin apprehended the thief easily, returning with bike in hand to continue the interview as though nothing had happened.This easygoing personality is part of why owners Todd and Ellen Gray feel that Colin is an ideal fit with the Equinox family.” Read the full article >